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Colour me Drink | Holi Specials with Budweiser's #BudTails

Editors posted on 04 March

By Editors

Holi rolls around, and before the Gulaal or Balam Pichkaris purchases, it's the umpteen phone calls to 'sources' about where to score Bhaang on the sly. Or not so sly. If its liquid courage you're looking for, how about you stay awake this Holi, eat in regular proportions, and sample some of our Beer buddy's cocktail recipes instead. We promise it's legal. If you're above 25.

What are we talking about?

Here's the low-draught - Budweiser is doing a series of special cocktails this Holi, which will then retail at five outlets across Delhi and G-Town, so no one has to drive long {or short} distances drunk. Each outlet has on offer an entirely different repertoire of recipes, but after a few, who knows the difference anyway. And yes, they're all beer based cocktails, because we know it's all about the base, and some tr{oub}le.

Participating bars include Raasta, Hauz Khas Village and Cyber Hub {serving up Bud with orange angostura bitter with lime, fresh ginger muddled with lemon and ginger syrup, topped with Bud Magnum, and fresh ginger and orange with ginger ale and beer}, Cooper's Bar & Grill, Gurgaon {serving Bud with ginger ale, Bud with watermelon, tabasco sauce and lime, and Bud with fresh ginger and ginger ale}, Barsoom in Hauz Khas Village {Bud with lime juice, soya sauce, W.C sauce, Bud with maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and lime juice, and Bud with grape fruit juice, ginger beer and lime juice} and Cafe Immigrant in CP {serving Magnum with melted vanilla ice cream, magnum with a combo of mojito and jalapeño, and Beer with chilli fresh herbs}.

The Rang Festival is in its 7th edition. It is essentially a Holi party giving people an EDM experience. It will be held on the 6th March at 32nd Milestone in Gurgaon {not Delhi}

Here's the Kicker

If bar hopping on Holi doesn't catch your fancy, hop over to The Rang Festival in Gurgaon, for a colour coaster ride. Well colour, because you figure this one out, and coaster ride, because Rang will be serving all these cocktails! In its 7th edition, it is an EDM Holi festival, featuring Greg Hilight Tribe, Shiva Moon, BubbleGuns, Virus, Vaeya, Bass Pilots, S.O.N.R, Decisions, Rohan Kale and a bunch of other artists. Get all the dirt on the line-up here. 

When: 6th March

Where: 32nd Milestone, Exit 8, NH-8, Gurgaon

Buy tickets, here.  

Gather your buds, and have yourself a Happy Holi. You can call your friends also.

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