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    Designer premium range of socks from The Cloco Store is to die for

    Organically produced, these little babies are the right choice for your feet.

    And what's in store?

    Whether you are at work or working out, running errands or a marathon, at a party or while at play, at the movies or at home, be it leisure or business, casual or formal, chasing your kids or then your dreams; they have you cloaked!

    1. Organic Cotton:


    Blister Tab - a soft cushion that averts any sort of abrasion between you & your shoe.

    Reinforced toes, mounds & heel to fight fatigue and increase comfort levels.

    Arch Support cradles your foot, giving you a firm but relaxed compression.

    Performance mesh keeps you cool with maximized airflow & breathability.

    The Anti-Microbial treatment disallows bacteria growth & keeps the foul smell away.

    2. Bamboo fibre:


    Softer Fabric - does not need chemicals to grow, hence naturally smoother.

    Natural Shine - possesses a natural lustre making the fabric soft & luxurious.

    Stronger - it is 3 times stronger than the finest cotton if cared for properly.

    Breathable - the structure has micro-gaps allowing the skin to breathe.

    Odour Free - bacteria is unable to multiply due to lack of moisture.

    Sweat Absorbent - pulls moisture from the skin for evaporation.

    Anti Microbial - bamboo ‘kun’ is a natural big-agent that disallows microbial activity.

    Anti Bacterial/Fungal - keeps you odour free & gives a fresh feeling.

    Thermoregulation - keeps you cooler in the summers & warmer in the winters.

    Hypoallergenic - suits perfectly to those who have skin reactions.

    Moisture Wicking - its dries up faster keeping you dry.

    Anti Static - does not stick to the body.

    Eco-friendly - most economical & sustainable plant-based fibre