Smoke House Deli’s modern interpretation of Indian Kitsch has made it a favourite for almost everyone in the city—not to mention that they keep giving us great food and delicious cocktails that we love. And where does love belong? In the heart right? We think they got that message, and thus have opened doors right in the heart of the city, Connaught Place.

The new outlet can safely be called a mix between the old CP vibe and a Venetian cafe {and it also breaks away from its usual sketchbook language of hand-drawn illustrations}. This outlet at Odeon can be called an illustrated museum as it pays tribute to the architectural history of Connaught Place, and uses stencils done by “By Guerilla” to do so.

You can {as usual} expect some really great offerings from this outlet when it comes to the menu as it promises to deliver to almost every variety of eater.

While we’ve heard great stuff about their food already, we’ll be giving you a complete download soon. Till then, maybe you can try it out and let us know what you loved.

Featured photo source: Smoke House Deli