Post Lockdown, Dineout Is Making Sure It Will Be #SafeToEatOut Thanks To Contactless Dining!


Quarantine period has been heavy on us, not gonna lie. But we’re sure that at the end of it, we would have all aced four things: making Dalgona coffee, baking banana bread, TikTok videos, and making pizza! Not to mention, cleaning the house and all domestic chores. However, at LBB we like to have a positive outlook on life, and we will get through this like champs! Though quarantine and COVID-19 has scarred us about going out and having contact with the outside world (seriously though, #StayHome and #StaySafe), not all is bad. Once the lockdown is lifted, don't worry about eating out, Dineout has come up with an initiative that makes it perfectly safe! To ensure it's #SafeToEatOut, Dineout has introduced Contactless Dining. 

What Makes It Awesome?

With the F&B industry crashing and restaurants shutting shop, it’s imperative that we support the places that have witnessed our special moments in life. Contactless Dining is an initiative by Dineout wherein you can visit your favourite restaurants and gorge on food that you missed having during the lockdown. If you ask us, ours would be RX Butter Chicken, Grammar Room’s Curry Bowl and oh so much more! In case you’re not sure how this works, read on: 

1. Pre-ordering - You can cut the waiting time and pre-order your food while you’re on your way so that the food is piping hot by the time you reach. 

2. Contactless Valet - In order to avoid spending time at lobbies waiting for your cars, your cars will be brought down just as you complete payments. 

3. Contactless Seating – This is to ensure that tables are reserved as per the social distancing norm. Eg. having a 2m distance between tables. 

4. Contactless Menu - Dineout has gone all digital here wherein they will use Data Analytics and AI to offer diners the options to place their order without physically contacting any menu. 

5. Contactless payments – This will be facilitated via e-wallets and will avoid the exchange of cards and cash to reinforce social distancing.

6. Feedback – Online feedback systems will collect real-time feedback on the dining experience

We don’t know about you but we’re mighty impressed! 


We can’t wait to get back to our fave spots and we want to do that without the fear of getting COVID-19 hanging above our heads. This time has been tough on everyone so it’s a great thing when companies like Dineout go the extra mile and look out for both you and the F&B industry! Till everything gets better, please #StayHome and #StaySafe! We’re all in this together! Know more here!