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Contribute to the Largest Crochet Installation in India with St+art Delhi!

Editors posted on 26 February

By Editors

After the success of the stencil and sign-making workshop last week, this weekend sees St+art Delhi bringing people together to contribute to a large crochet installation orchestrated by Olek. She has always used crochet to add depth to her installations, as well represent the complexity and intertwined nature of human life. Work on this particular installation starts this Saturday, and it's going to be the biggest one in India. For all of you who are practiced in the art of crochet, we suggest you join in; it'll make for an interesting Saturday afternoon, especially if you have a little time on your hands.

Olek, originally from Poland uses her art to explore varied issues relating to sexuality, feminism and the evolution of communication. Her work is always pushing the envelope, and she uses bright hues in her art to add colour to life, while simultaneously addressing pertinent issues.

When: 28th Feb

Where: To be disclosed

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