#GoHereShopThis: Backpacks We Are Loving At Converse

    Sarojini Nagar, Delhi


    While we don’t shy away from hoarding Converse shoes, their bags are equally fantastic.

    Not Just For Shoes

    Ankle-length, high tops, slips-ons—if you’re a hardcore Converse lover, you’d have loaded up on all of these and in all possible colours and prints. Hey, remember the ever-so-cool Converse Jams? God, we really wish they hadn’t discontinued those in India. Anyhoo, enough lamenting!

    Let’s just move on with life and enjoy the bags they have. Too cool for school? Worry not. Use their backpacks for work if you’re one of those who have to carry their laptops to and from work every day. Their duffel bags are also pretty neat. Minimal design and very durable, they’re great for that walk to the gym or even a weekend getaway. That said, we’re never going to discourage you from buying their shoes. Happy Conversing!

    Where: Converse stores across Delhi

    Price: Starting at INR 1,299

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      Sarojini Nagar, Delhi