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    A Trip Down Coorg: Chilies, Spicy Food & Beautiful Locales With Rocky And Mayur In Bira 91’s Hot Stuff Webseries

    Bira posted on 21 September

    Coorg’s lush green valleys, stunning sunrise points and colonial cottages have won our hearts over and over again. And now it’s time for their dishes and chilies to surprise us, and take us on a sensational ride. With Rocky and Mayur at the helm, we found out about the local chilli, Parangi Malu, that’s high on both the spice quotient and medicinal properties. Don’t let it’s bright red colour and small size deceive you, this fiery killer from Coorg will get you reach out for a chilled Bira 91 beer!

    Pandi Curry

    If you haven’t tried this flavourful and legendary delicacy, you’re missing out on rich, spiced pork curry made with tamarind and pepper bits. This delicious gravy dish is thick and pairs well with dosa or plain steamed rice. Prepared with a dose of the Parangi Malu, no meal in Coorg is complete without it.

    Bamboo Shoot Curry

    Soaked in water to soften their tough exterior and then cooked in the same water, the Bamboo Shoot Curry is tedious to prepare but is definitely a dish to be relished by all. Fondly referred to as Baimballe in Coorg, it’s mixed with thinly sliced onions, garlic cloves, coriander powder, freshly ground coconut, the Parangi Malu chillies, mustard seeds and more- and is tangy to taste. Add this to your foodie bucket list now!

    Coorg Chicken Curry

    Coconut lovers, this one’s a treat for you! Tender chicken, mixed with coconut paste, chopped onions and chilies, coriander, cumin and turmeric powder with ginger, garlic and cloves – enjoy this with steamed rice and make it a true Coorg style meal!

    If this has got your tastebuds tingling, check out the Hot Stuff episode 2 now and go on a culinary trip in the luscious valleys of Coorg. Famous for coffee and pepper plantations, this is one location that’s a treat for all senses! 

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