Be A Part Of A Cool Art Project Just By Having A Fun, Anonymous Conversation

Tushar posted on 20 December


DUET is a an app which will anonymously match and let you talk to another person in the UK. It’s based on a digital art movement where you and your DUET partner answer a question every day which will then be turned into physical interactive art installations.

You’re Part Of The Art

DUET started earlier this year in February with one aim: One whole year of conversations between you and an anonymous partner in the UK. They’re doing this with hundreds of people, pairing them with someone they don’t know {and never will}.

The app asks you and your UK counterpart one question every day, and both of you can see each other’s answers. There’ll be real-world questions like “What is happening around you right now?” or “Describe your haircut”. Weird {and fun}. You never get to see your partner, so the experience forces you to create an image of them in your head through their daily answers.

What’s Next?

The DUET team then compiles all the interactions and explores them for moments which can be represented as art installations. This experience ends in Feb 2018, so you can still sign up and be a part of it all.

And if you’re curious about other people’s answers, DUET also has a real-time collection of anonymous responses from all over the world. You can check them out here.

So, We’re Saying…

You might not be a skilled artist, but you’ll definitely be creating a masterpiece here. The physical installations will be exhibited across cities in India and the UK.

You can download the DUET app on iOS and Android.