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    Seen Creative Crazy’s Stationery, Superhero Hangers & Vintage Scissors Yet?

    Rene posted on 27 April

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Ahmedabad-based stationery and gifting site, Creative Crazy caters to those who believe in personalising the little things in life. You’ll find desk planners, folders, greeting cards, accessories, home knick-knacks and more along with the option of customised stuff that’s created based on individual orders.

    Play Your Cards Right

    No matter what writing tools technology keeps throwing at us, we can’t deny a certain charm that we associate with diaries and notebooks. Whether you’re someone who hoards or really uses them to scribble stuff, these planners will help you get your fitness goals, blog, finances and every other problem area in order.

    We’re also digging the donuts and balloon-themed folders to keep all those notes {academic or otherwise} with dried flowers and colourful post-its peeking out. And need we even say anything about these vintage scissors?

    Have younger nieces and nephews or friends with school-going babies? Get them stickers, backpacks or these adorable puppet hangers to align tiny frocks in their cupboard.

    Don’t Leave Things Hanging

    Creative Crazy also designs invites for your special day and is open to you shooting them with wild ideas about what you want. This service is perfect for those believe in going that extra mile with tiny flourishes.

    That apart, their range of home decor is great for house warming gifts when wine and flowers are just so boring.

    Stationery Stores

    Creative Crazy