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Editors posted on 18th March

Delhi’s a city that we all love to hate. From the cringeworthy habit of working according to Delhi Standard Time, poor driving skills of women and men {and the underaged} alike, the heat and the dust, the ostentatious exhibit of wealth and power set amidst pockets of deprivation, to the Emporio aunties and kitty-party ladies, who happily co-exist in a capital that’s become synonymous with rape. Really, what’s to love?

But despite all the whining and complaining, we find ourselves coming back and wanting every {okay, most. Okay, some} sight, sound and smell Delhi’s roundabouts throw our way. Delhi’s taught us to grow up… to stop making excuses, and work our way through the autowaalas who overcharge, the men who stare, the cow that insists on parking itself in the middle of the road, and the electricity that chooses to go at opportune moments.

Forget Kejriwal, Dixit, and what’s-his-BJP-face. This city’s ours to make and celebrate.

We gathered a few of our favourite creative people – the crew at A Little Anarky Films and the boys at Studio Fuzz – to create a little capsule of all the eccentricities {the good, the bad, and the bh******} that Delhi is synonymous with. Skip the newspaper for one day; you’ll  actually love what you find in the Capital.

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