Everything Customised & Quirky: This Store Is Selling The Coolest Stuff Under INR 500



    We’ve all surfed through Pinterest and made shopping lists of all the wonderfully unique things we see. However, we just never know where exactly to buy that great stuff from. Worry not! Regium, an online store, has some fresh goodies for you.

    Great Stuff, Affordable Prices

    Regium has some of the best phone covers available for over 400 phone models. From poetic florals to the smart marble print, they’ve got your phone covered {at just INR 260}, quite literally. They also have some new age T-shirts with the most fun quotes that start at just INR 370! Regium also offers customisation in terms of name lockets. You can get yourself, your best friend or even your significant other something written in English, Hindi or Arabic. And it’ll cost you only INR 300. How cool is that?

    Basically, everything here costs less than INR 500 and with all the great stuff they’re selling, it will be one hell of a task to not go on a spree.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’ve been wanting to buy some pretty unique stuff that is also super affordable, Regium is the website you’ve been looking for.