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Hit the Road, Jack! | Cycling in Delhi

Talha posted on 12th February

By Talha Masood Siddiqui

Special thanks to Aditya Ahuja for his valuable inputs

Ah, Winters! The cold, the blankets, the fog, the food and the “hog.”

Let’s admit it—we eat more during the winters. Some scientists have put together theories to establish why; few believe it is a disorder, few believe it is biological {a tendency from yesteryears, eat all you can, “winter is coming”}, many blame the holiday season, but most agree on the whole idea of munching in cozy rooms. All this leads to putting on a kilo here and there, come spring.  We’re going to tell you the best way to shed it, but more importantly – we shall also highlight a way to keep you, happy, healthy and exploring.

Over the years, there have been instruments that have been a paradigm shift for us; from high school to senior school, school to college, college to work etc. But for most of us, our first came on two wheels with supporters on each side, and our first liberation was when we rode a mile without any help.  Now lying somewhere in your garage gathering dust {and rust} is the once-loved bicycle.

Cycling works out most parts of your body – the obvious parts that get worked out are your calves and thighs. Riding regularly is also a great activity to give your heart, blood vessels, and lungs a boost. But it is not all about the workout, it never is, nothing ever is.  The beauty of cycling though, is its flexibility. You can enjoy cycling at any and all times – by yourself, with friends, for leisure, in competition, or as a mode of transport. Cycling isn’t just an ideal way to time manage the daily chores and improve fitness. It is a positive addiction.

Delhi’s geography offers you an opportunity to fall in love with it, and what better way than on a cycle. Good roads, {relatively} disciplined traffic, and spectacular sights all make Delhi a wonderful place to cycle. Cycle from India Gate to central ridge {the ridge starts near Dhaula Kuan}, or take the Mehrauli Gurgaon road {early in the morning} and enjoy the surreal surroundings just when you enter Gurgaon, or speed-challenge yourself on the Greater Noida expressway, or cycle around Chandni Chowk exploring the lanes of the old city {you would have worked out enough to savor all the food you can, guilt free!}, or just mindlessly cycle about Luytens Delhi and soak in the charm of wide, tree-dotted roads.  We zip past most of these roads in our cars and in doing so miss so much, but when you ride at a slow pace you can soak it all in.

Delhi even boasts of some good cycling clubs that are open to public. For most of their members, it’s not just a ride; it’s a reunion of sorts, of friends from diverse backgrounds and across ages. There are numbers of clubs all over NCR, some of the big and dynamic ones are Delhi Cyclists, Noida Cycling Club, Cyclesutra, Gurgaon Fun Riders. These clubs with 100+ members usually assemble at the “Mandir of Cycling”, India Gate, on the weekends.

You may not be geared towards putting yourself and your machine to the test in a competitive environment, but you could enjoy the company of fellow members and enthusiasts. Also, fun rides invariably live up to their name. They are designed to offer an opportunity to get more out of your bike and meet new people, but without the competitive edge, and usually end over a scrumptious well-earned meal.

You may join the clubs simply for the companionship and shared interest, but in time the temptation to participate in off-road or road racing events may become irresistible. The help and advice of your fellow members will be invaluable in preparing you for what can be a nerve-racking first time on the competitive circuit. It might be a steep learning curve, especially if you are racing under team orders where the interests of your compatriots must always be of priority. Eventually, when you find that your mind and body is ready to take challenges, contact T3, a group that organizes races and competitive events around distances of about 200+ KMs. Of course, competitive cycling is not everyone’s cup of tea, if you try it and don’t enjoy it, simply get involved in the club activities that suit you and your goals.

Before you start cycling you’ll need to make sure you have the basic equipment. You don’t need the all the professional lycra gear, but you should pack these:

  • Bicycle {Duh!} – Having a bicycle that is the right size for you is important. A bicycle that is too big or too small can be dangerous and hard to control.
  • Cycle Helmet – No helmet. No ride
  • Lights – For the nocturnal riders.
  • Bright or reflective clothing or vests – A warning to some sleepy people on the roads, early morning and rather blinds ones in the evenings, and for those under lit routes.
  • Comfortable clothing – Make sure it’s not too loose around the legs to avoid it getting caught in your bicycle chain or wheels.
  • Shoes – Probably the most important feature; it’s a must to have comfortable shoes as your feet face the most fatigue with the constant peddling.  If you’re interested, you could even invest in good cycling shoes.

Finally, organized or not, this club or that, equipped or not all these questions will sort themselves out once you initiate the process. So wipe the dust and hit the road, for outside is a world waiting to be explored.

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