From Cutlery To Curtains, This Decor Site’s Helping Us Redecorate Every Room


Freedom Tree loves bringing quirk and drama into everyday lives by the way of colourful tableware, lamps, rugs, cutlery, bed linen, home accessories and upholstery. They celebrate prints and are just what you need if you enjoy a chilled out vibe in your pad.08

Swoon On That Spoon

Candy-colored pickle jars to polka dotted pasta bowls, the collection has a lot of basic as well as party stuff. We’re particularly crushing on the tea-set collection that’d mark our transition into adulthood with a bit of prettiness thrown in. The table covers and runners are also going to bring out all the above crockery while keeping the shabby {trying to be} chic theme alive in our home.

We do get that cute crockery ain't for everyone but hey, how will you survive without curtains? These easy-breezy translucent ones are literally making us go weak in our knees.

They’ve also got some classic, unfussy lamps that’ll look great next to your floor seating or that distressed side table. Talking of floor seating, we known you’ve been disregarding bed linen as a grown-up thing but trust us, you’ll love coming home to your bed when it looks something like this.

We promise that this site’s a very good use of your shopping time and money. Just reserve the hotter half of Saturday to browsing. You. Won’t. Regret. It.

So, We're Saying...

Sadly, the furniture is the only thing they can’t ship beyond Mumbai and Goa but even then, there’s just so much of the other good stuff to prompt impulse buys. Tell us if we’re wrong?

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