By Abhishikta Mallick

Bid adieu to an overcrowded metro ride, waiting for a rushed meal of authentic Mughlai goodness at your favorite jaunt in the Walled City, and making a painful journey back home after indulging in that extra bowl of firni. Enter Delhi 6, a delivery service that makes a repertoire of royal delicacies available at your doorstep, albeit at 24 hour notice.

I stumbled upon Delhi-6’s Pakistani Biryani at a friend’s party, and if first impressions are anything to go by, it certainly made its mark. The Nihari was another standout dish, as was the chicken stewSubtle yet complex in flavor, these dishes are borderline addictive! The Nihari deserves special mention – tender cuts of mutton, flavourful marrow, and a thick gravy so intriguing, it is difficult to get enough. I also sampled the Fish Curry; the punchy achari masala coating on the tender flaky Singhada was delicious. The Sheermal is worth a mention – eaten by itself or dipped in curry, this bread has a charming character all its own. My grandma loved the rabri; said the familiar taste took her back in time.

Delhi 6 delivers on the purity of delicacies considered a part of the heritage of this city. I’m talking about the kind of meal where the layer of oil floating on top is not a deterrent, you wipe your plate clean, and the aftertaste stays in your sensory memory for days. Such a meal may not be great for the cholesterol levels, but true love affairs are blinded by such concerns and I, for one, am a fan.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Delhi 6: Rich, aromatic, Mughal goodness in the comfort of your home. Do not miss the Nihari.

Contact | Shibli Anis, +91 9818206410 or via their Facebook page here

Timings | Order 24 hours in advance

Price | INR 1500 for four. Orders are placed by the kg, unless choosing from the ‘set menu of the day’ in which case the minimum order is half a kg. Minimum amount for delivery is INR 1000.