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The Delhiwaala's Bucket List for 2014

Editors posted on 06 January

No prizes for guessing- the most frequently asked question at the end of each year is, what's your resolution? The answers include everything from the completely unattainable, to things that are realistic and more within one's reach. So we decided to take on a project- to compile a list of things that Delhiwaalas are most keen on doing in 2014;  a collective Bucket List, for our readers to check off over the course of the New Year.

Through December of last year, our readers sent in things they definitely want to do in 2014. We received heaps of interesting, hard-core and some absolutely hilarious entries, and we've picked a few of our favourites.

Presenting, Delhi's Bucket List for 2014! Take a print out, pin it up next to your desk, check things off, and keep us posted on the progress you make.

Happy 2014!