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Equipped for this Election | Decision Time

Suchita posted on 29 November

By Mahima Dayal

I just received my voter ID slip today, and even though my name on this slip has somehow been misspelt, it still means that I can now go to the nearest polling booth on the 4th of December and cast my vote. With elections now just a few days away, my opinions seem to be taking formidable shape. While my liberal mind compels me to take the middle path, neither vocally supporting the existing government, nor entirely convinced by the new amateur attempts of the Aam Admi’s not so aam party, I am still not entirely convinced if voting is such a good idea.

So, I decided to put together a list of articles that helped me gauge the existing scenario and come to a conclusion. While I am still on the lookout for any changes in Delhi’s political scape, you go ahead and read what I gathered, for perhaps you might be able to reach a conclusion I am yet to get to.

Aam Admi Parties list of candidates according to constituencies in the upcoming elections

A questionnaire that is answered by all three chief ministerial candidates—Sheila Dikshit {Congress}, Harsh Vardhan {BJP} and AAP's Arvind Kejriwal.

An interview with Vijay Dev, the chief electoral officer for Delhi,  the person who will handle most of the operations in this year’s election process.

Let’s be practical and see exactly how our vote really matters and how parties have performed in 2009. This article breaks it down with graphics.

Institutions will have to be rebooted: Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Understanding the Narendra Modi phenomenon.

Saffron swamps the rest on the web: What it means for political parties.

Why Congress is unsure of Rahul Gandhi regime and how Ahmed Patel is losing influence.

The Hero and the Prince

Meet Modi’s Social Media Men

The A-Z of Elections


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