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Delhi Gives Back | Jashnn: Celebrating Life

Richa posted on 24 January

By Richa Wadhera

Our lives are centered around looking for things that’ll make us happy. Some of us work hard to be able to afford the things we enjoy; others just enjoy working. Enough of us have seen that more often than not, it is the simplest things that bring us the most joy. It was this thought that prompted the inception of Jashnn {under the umbrella of 'We the People'}– an NGO that works towards giving underprivileged children the opportunity to just have fun.

I heard about Jashnn last week from a friend who had recently started volunteering her time there. She had to be up at 7am the next morning for one of the organisation’s events, and she seemed rather excited about it! I promptly decided to volunteer my time after hearing about the work they do, and a few days later, I got the founder of Jashnn, Ms. Sunny, on the phone. Funnily enough, she started out in much the same way as a lot of us – distributing biscuits and candy that she sourced by the carton from a friend who worked with Britannia, from her car. Only she didn’t just stop there. Over time, she  decided that there had to be a more organized way of giving these kids little moments of joy; a way to allow them to celebrate life. She approached Delhi State run homes for orphans and underprivileged children, and began to organize events at these homes and schools. Close to their friends and on familiar turf, the kids participated happily and with a certain level of discipline, and logistically, these events were easy to manage. Soon, the organization garnered enough attention, volunteers and sponsors, allowing for these kids to be taken outside of these homes for fun activities. Wave cinemas recently hosted 700 kids for a 3D screening of Ice Age, and Splash Water Park on Alipur Road has also hosted the kids on its premises.


If you’re a true bred dilliwalaa, the simplicity of one of these event ideas will truly hit home – a ladies mehendi! Capitalising on weddings and all the fun elements they involve, Jashnn organized an all girls ‘mehendi,’ complete with mehendiwaalis, make up artists, chudiwaalas, and Bollywood music.

I remember back in school, we’d find ourselves at the Mc Donald’s take out window in the PVR Saket market a lot. Whenever pocket money constraints would allow, we’d buy the kids in the area burgers and fries, and kit kat bars from the Nescafe store at corner of the movie hall. It is super exciting to have come across a platform that undertakes simple things like this on a large scale, makes it a part of an awesome, fun themed event, and sends hundred of kids home happier.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Jashnn’s sole aim is to organize fun activities for underprivileged kids; to give them the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate life.

Contribute |

Jashnn is open to any kind of contribution you are willing to make.

Volunteer your time by helping to plan or execute an event. If you work for an FMCG company, sponsor giveaways like goodie bags, candy, chips, gift boxes etc for one or more of their events. If you would like to make a monetary contribution, contact them for details on how to do so.

Contact | Email them at

Check out event videos and pictures; find their Facebook page here

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