By Editors

While there were certain performances we were excited about this year {read: Alt-j and Rudimental}, the one thing that us Dilliwaalas are is eternally hopeful, and we make the most of what we have.

In that very spirit, we’re looking forward to the International Jazz festival in Delhi, that’s due to happen in the last weekend of March, at Nehru Park. As per usual, there is promise of both homegrown, as well as international jazz talent. You can expect The Remi Panossian Trio (RP3)- a French jazz band who’s made waves with their album ‘Add Fiction’ a few years ago as well as Leon Somov & Jazzu which is a Lithuanian electronica band. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Three music-filled days, all of Delhi coming together to appreciate jazz at it’s finest, all in the company of good food, and we’re hoping, good weather. Oh, and did we mention, this is one of those things you can enjoy with no money? That’s right, it’s free entry.

When: 20th Mar-22nd Mar

Stay tuned for further updates!