It’s almost fashionable to hurl abuses and bash the traffic police. We may have heard of cases of police crackdowns or read about a corrupt cop or two, but to paint the entire force in a single brush stroke is not only short sighted, but also terribly wrong. While braving the extreme Delhi climate and being hated by all those they serve, the traffic cops serve as an important component of a safe and secure Delhi.

Here are some moments in a Delhi traffic policeman’s life’s that exemplify their indispensible position in the functioning of day-to-day life in Delhi.

It’s The Rush-Hour {8.30am – 11 am}

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When running late to our offices from Delhi to Gurgaon, we tend to take off a little early on the red light, or stretch a bit too far chasing the green light. The traffic cops have a tedious task of maintaining control over the road, and with Delhi’s currently 83 lakh registered vehicles, their job sure is not easy.

Look Out! {11 pm – 2 pm}

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As the school buses make their rounds, traffic police is always on its toes. Ensuring that every bus is being driven properly, keeping a keen eye for callous, drunk drivers and {thankfully} looking out for the kids, the traffic cops help keep the streets safe. We can help make their job easier, just by following the traffic rules.

Helping One, Helping All {4pm – 8pm}

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While the traffic police is a filter that ensures callous elements remain off the road, more importantly, they keep a tight vigil on more malicious, harm-causing elements. Imagine someone getting into an accident and being pitted against a bully; who comes to the rescue? The traffic police.

Drink And Drive? {10 pm – 12 pm}

Lipton_Unruly-driving Delhi Through The Lens Of Traffic Police

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We all know someone who has paid the ultimate price due to drunk driving, though those accidents would happen a lot more often if it weren’t for the Delhi traffic police.

What Personal Life? {Wee Hours Of Morning}

Lipton_Traffic-in-rain Delhi Through The Lens Of Traffic Police

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Traffic cops have a very limited personal life. As their duty takes up most of their time, road becomes their home. The day usually starts early on at 6 a.m., and goes on till late in the night. More than 12 hours of work in the day, and still, when the duty calls, they answer.

We salute these heroes who have made roads safer and better for us. LBB, along with Lipton Ice Tea, extend a heartfelt gratitude to the Delhi Traffic Police Force, and hopes to #RefreshSmiles by serving chilled ice tea in the blazing sun to these unsung heroes.

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