We’ve seen and told you time and again how much stellar music this city puts out. There’s always a new artist to look out for and here are a few we think you’d enjoy.


north Delhi Musicians to Catch Live - Part Deux

A five-piece band that identifies itself most as an alternative rock band {with splashes of blues and soul thrown in}, Jordan Johnson {lead vocals}, Akshay Deokuliar {drummer}, Shobith John {electric guitarist}, Sean and Zoe Tuckey {band bass, piano and vocals} make up NORTH. Their songs are best reserved for introspective days, with lyrics that are both poetic and relatable. We love the way their words strike a chord, akin to a lost memory that comes to your mind, catching you by surprise.

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Dhruv Visvanath

dhruv_vishwanath Delhi Musicians to Catch Live - Part Deux

A ferociously talented one-man band, Dhruv Vishvanath navigates the landscape of percussive acoustic guitar, always experimenting with material and technique. He’s known for his guitar skills and draws inspiration from his surroundings. Easy listening no matter what the time of day, Dhruv’s rock-opera album titled ‘Orion’ is up for release. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this time round.

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Listen to his music:

Chayan & Smiti

Chayan_and_smiti Delhi Musicians to Catch Live - Part Deux

You know those friends of yours that are always jamming around you, and as a result you have a soundtrack to your life? Chayan and Smiti will remind you of them and how. An indie-acoustic duo, their forte is beautiful harmonies that will speak to your soul, with words that describe significant experiences of life- the kind that we’ve all had, in some way or the other.

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october Delhi Musicians to Catch Live - Part Deux

Although this five-member band has been on the scene since 2007, they’re back after a hiatus, with a three-song EP and plenty of new music to look forward to. To give you a rough idea, they fall under the umbrella of alternative and progressive rock, but they experiment with all sorts of genres and would rather not be labelled. Best enjoyed with a pint of beer in hand, their music balances melodies and riffs for a sound that’ll have you groovin’, without a doubt. Sherry Matthews {vocals}, Suyash {drums}, Akshay Dwivedi {bass}, Rohan Panjiar and Shashvat Pandit {guitars} make up October.

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Kitchensick Delhi Musicians to Catch Live - Part Deux

A four-piece outfit, Kitchensink features Smiti Malik {vocals}, Adhir Ghosh {guitar}, Jayant Manchanda {bass}, and Siddharth Jain {drums} who embody the spirit of jazz. Their songs are mostly original, although they’ll also do interesting arrangements of tunes that are already out there. The soulful vocals paired with the introspective lyrics make for a sensuous sound; we’re digging their vibe for sure.

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Listen to their music:

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