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The Groghead

Green Park

Delhi Nightlife Bus Leaves Tonight For An Epic Bar Crawl @INR 700

Rene posted on 11th November

What Is It?

A nightlife bus where alcohol-loving peeps can meet and greet their own ilk. The bus drives off tonight at 8pm from The Grog Head with two more pit stops at city’s best known bars. Groovy music, fun games and boozy deals await.

*Blaring horns to move boring folks outta the way*

Who Is It For?

All those who think Delhi’s nightlife deserves a kick in the butt. Friday party-goers, eligible drinkers and cool cats who want to pretend they’re in a party town should sign up for sure. 

Why Should I Go For It?

It’s your chance to sign up for a bus ride we promise you won’t regret. The going will be super smooth with you having to shell out no cover charge at either The Hungry Monkey or Tabula Beach Cafe. You’ll get three drinks in total at the three bars. If you want more, there’ll be a one-plus-one at Indian and foreign liquor everywhere. So much joy, right?

Ladies get drinks on the house at the Tabula Beach Cafe. Yes yes, go find those party shoes now.

Anything Else?

They still have about 15 - 20 slots left. To book your tickets, go here

When: Nov 11

Where: The bus takes off from Grog Head at 8pm 

Timings: 8pm - 1pm

Contact: Give Kshitij a shout at 9971445262

Featured photo source: Drinksonme

More Information

Green Park

A-5, 2nd Floor, Green Park, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi

The Groghead

Green Park