There’s an entirely new breed of live performers Delhi’s given birth to: slam poets. What is slam poetry you ask; or at least we do. Think of hip-hop battles. Now make the words rhyme {almost} and imagine more fitting pairs of pants, and we’ve got ourselves a poetry slam. A poetry slam is essentially a competition or showcase, where poets are given the chance to read or recite original pieces of work. Already a popular form of entertainment in other parts of the world, Delhi’s version of poetry slam came into being as recently as last year, and has to be one of the most experimental additions to the live entertainment genre.

They’re poets; they know it |

A poetry slam showcases lyricists, budding poets, and stand-up writers, and also gives amateur poets a chance to slam jam at open mic nights. The most interesting part: a lot of the slam poets are budding artists of some kind – actors, singers, writers – and are all tied in by their love for writing, reciting and jamming original work.

Slam Jam Events |

Delhi’s Poetry Slam partners with different venues and auditoriums across the city to organize gigs, spoken word concert nights, and youth-based events. Most of their events feature dancers, musicians and stand ups alike, so we’ve come to think of it as more of an artists association.

What’s next for them | Unplugged Spoken Word and Concert Night

Here’s your chance to witness some often funny, sometimes poignant, but always entertaining spoken word, and contemporary dance and musical premiers. Their next gig features a line-up of some of the best-known international show artists and young performers. The line-up includes Nicole Sumner {Seattle’s first Grand Slam Poetry Mistress}, Scott Moses Murray {songwriter}, Sapnu George, poet Michael Creighton, Adam Lerner {stand-up}, and moving closer to home – Ira Anjali Anwar, Ayesha Adlakha and Ankita Naik. Also featuring are contemporary dancer Gilles Chuyen and musician Ford Seeuws.

If you want the chance to present your work alongside other artists at this event, all you have to do is book yourself a ticket and message your name and e-mail address to this. It’s filling up fast, so slam to it.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Delhi’s Poetry Slam organizes gigs, musical events and spoken word concert nights. Redefining live entertainment in the city, Delhi’s version brings together artists across practices for perfectly integrated evenings. Since a staple complaint in Delhi has been the lack of anything interesting to do, Delhi’s Poetry Slam has taken the words right out of our mouths.

When: 6th March

Where: Italia, DLF Promenade

Price:  INR 1,200 – 1,500

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