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Delhi's Restaurants & Bars to Remain Open 24×7?

Namrata posted on 24 March


We read something awesome in the Indian Express. Our Government is looking at switching up the excise policy in 2015-16 and this could mean Delhi’s nightlife is about to perk up in a big way.

What Does this Mean?

They’re proposing a reduction of up to 60 per cent in the excise license fee and also looking to eliminate cumbersome requisites that need to be fulfilled to serve up alcohol at an establishment, such as the tourism license, police registration and so on.

All restaurants and bars present in hotels and motels can now also apply to become operational 24×7 at the revised fee of around INR 16 lakhs for seven star hotels {the previous fee was around INR 40 lakh} and up to INR 13 lakh for five star and deluxe hotels {the previous being INR 30 lakh}. The idea is to boost tourism and also make doing business in the city easier.

We’re stoked that our nights on the town may no longer have to end at 12am. After all we aren’t Cinderella and this is the 21st century.