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Delhi's Legal Drinking Age to be Reduced in June 2016

Namrata posted on 01 April

If you’re both reeling from and excited by that headline, you’re in the same boat as us. As per reports that are doing the rounds on all major newspapers on the internet, Delhi’s taken a good, strong look at its rules regarding the drinking age and guess what? It’s dropping.

Where Do We Go From Here?

As you all know, the legal age to consume all spirits stands at a solid 25 years, but come Jun 1, 2016, it’ll be revised to *heaving a huge sigh* only 18 years of age.

This will apply to wine, beer and all hard liquor, but what this also means is that ID checking will become more stringent. You can expect all well-known establishments to check ID at the door, so make sure you’re always carrying a valid photo ID.

Apart from that, all we really have to say is – bottoms up, legally!

Note: Hey! While we're hoping that this comes true soon, this post was entirely some light-heartedness on the occasion of April 1. Happy April Fool's!

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