Delhi’s Little Tibet: What To Gorge On At Majnu Ka Tilla

Kadambari posted on 28 June

Majnu Ka Tilla {MKT} is the place for good, cheap food. Most of the restaurants are run by Tibetans, and while conversation can get difficult sometimes, the food is always amazing.

Located close to Delhi University’s north campus, the place is populated with students, foreigners and locals. We went to discover all the hidden food gems, and here’s what we found. But do keep in mind that none of the places serve non-veg on Wednesdays.

Coffee House

Coffee House is the perfect place for dessert and breakfast in the area. Their mud cake with ice cream, and banana muffins are to die for. They even serve pancakes, but only before 11am, and their desserts are home-made and fresh. They have a huge variety of beverages to choose from, but we preferred the hot ones over the cold. You can sit here for hours and they won’t mind, as long as you’ve ordered at least one item.

#LBBTip: This place gets brownie points for having one of the fastest Wi-Fi connections in MKT, even though it lacks seating space. If you’re a big group, it might be tough to find a spot.


39, Basement, Majnu Ka Tila, New Delhi

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    Price for two: ₹ 400

Dolma House

Beef lovers rejoice; Dolma House has a lot of options especially for you. This is a small but cosy space in MKT, and has a canteen-like vibe with its seating arrangements. We loved the veg balls on a stick with schezwan sauce {a dish even non-vegetarians will love} and the Dolma Special Chow Mein. Avoid the thenthukhere {too watery}, though do keep a lookout for their specials {listed near the cashier}.

Fast Food Restaurants

1, Block 10, New Tibetan Colony, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

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Ama Restaurant

They serve one of the best thukpas we’ve ever eaten. Not to be confused with Ama Café, this restaurant is for those looking to have a proper meal in a well-maintained ambience in MKT. The service is slow and it’s one of the few places  that doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, though the food more than makes up for it. Do try the Crispy Vegetables with Salt and Pepper and the momos.

#LBBTip: We loved that the restaurant is located inside a hotel; Ama Rabsel House. There is another Ama Restaurant {same menu} in MKT, but this one has a much better ambience.

Fast Food Restaurants

40, New Tibetan Camp, Majnu Ka Tila, New Delhi

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Kham Coffee House

A new addition to Majnu Ka Tilla, we love the cosy interiors and quintessential Tibetan atmosphere inside this café. We are totally nuts about their Almond and Carrot Cake and Lemon & Mint Mojito. If you’re looking for conversation, the owner of this café loves to chat about art and Tibet. We’ve heard that their pancakes are great, but they’re only served for breakfast.


158, Tibet Colony, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

Dekhang Cafe And Restaurant

This one and a half year old outlet is easily visible as it’s on the main road. It has one of the most diverse menus in MKT as it serves breakfast, coffee, Chinese and Tibetan food. Their cold coffee is very good and it’s one of the few places here that serves beer. Head to Dekhang if you’re not sure what you want to eat and yet want the best of what MKT has to offer in one sitting.


79-D, Old Camp, New Aruna Nagar, Majnu Ka Tila, New Delhi

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