Ten-Second Takeaway

Depot continues to delight at its new outlet in area code #48 with good produce put together in interesting ways. Hipster aesthetics, tasty cocktails, and the promise of an original line-up of gigs.

Chow Down

Green Apple, Rocket & Goat cheese Quesadilla; Capers, Roasted Pepper & Fish Empanadas; Pomegranate & Toasted Pine Nuts Guacamole

Sip On

An array of gin and elderflower concoctions

Winning For

Its relaxed vibe

Holy Moly Guacamole!

290816_Depot482Move over, stereotypes. Highlights of our dinner included artichoke, sweet potato, spinach, pumpkin, with avocado vying for star position. The menu picks up our Depot29 favorites, throws in some new gems, and presents the menu in a bolder format, setting the tone for the new Depot avatar with a more elaborate bar and accompanying eats.

The artichoke & spinach dip is warm and loving; mildly nutty with a wonderful fleshy texture. Depot guacamole has always been a winner and this lives up; adequately chunky, with pomegranate and pine nuts for extra oomph. The fish empanadas make for a great bar snack, crunchy fried pastry generously filled with spiced basa.

The menu also includes the hottest trend this season – sweet potato fries – best teamed up with a platter of sliders {why choose when you can have ‘em all!}

Keeping these bites good company were the Sunny Afternoon and Basiltini, both bright, fresh and packing a punch, like the best drinks ought to.


Having been doled out greasy cheesy quesadillas, the green apple, rocket & goat cheese Quesadilla is a lightbulb experience for a simple three-ingredient formula: A phenomenal flavour combination and a delicious corn tortilla. If we had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of the week, it would be this.

Also popular is the pulled pork, re-fried beans and jack cheese variant, if you’re feeling feast-y.

Off the mains section, we sampled the linguine tossed with three chillies and the polenta crusted halibut, both of which failed to wow. Almost sacrilegious, skimping on the waffles, but the meal ended on a tipsy note with the delicious Baileys and chocolate dessert in a jar.

So, We’re Saying…

Bookmark Depot48 for an easy, pleasurable evening out.

Photos courtesy: Depot48