By Editors

If you’ve ever been on a date, to a party {and we sincerely hope you have}, or taken to the trend du 2014, aka fairy lights, you’ll know lighting makes or breaks a space; even if it’s just you, reading a book in solitude with your one trusted bedside lamp, visualising a VO, quoting a profound saying.

We’ll make you a deal, a design deal. We’ll introduce you to the newest brand, lighting up your lives… and all you need is electricity.

Retailing all varieties of lamps {including standing and table lamps}, filament bulbs {you can finally replicate your favourite restaurant}, innovative light fixtures, and the modern made over chandelier, high-light Design Deal for a light year ahead.

We’ll start with the fairy lights of 2015, filament bulbs – we know you’ve been looking. Soft, warm {and flattering} lighting, the greatest thing about filament bulbs besides their obvious charm, is how you can mix and match how ever many you want. They work perfectly in all almost every type of space, from a more formalised office setting, to one as intimate as your bedroom. LBB loves the Edison caged Sconce. Best news about them- they’re can be dimmed, so what starts as in your face, can always turn soft and flattering.

For smaller home accents, and light fixtures, their brass, aluminium and steel pendant lights, vintage lanterns and globe centrepieces double as both winning centre pieces and interesting hanging statement pieces. If you ticked the reading in solitude box, we’re anticipating a love for lamps. And will they deliver.

Design_deal_light_fixtures-03We don’t want to keep you hanging, so, as for suspended lights, take your pick from innovate designs, including vintage style pendants, hand woven shades, pop colour coverings, weaved covers and resin pendant lights. We especially love the knitted pendant light, patterned pendant light and pleated table lamp, hanging right next to our collection of filament bulbs.

500x400[1]Almost revivalist in its aesthetic, the grounded lamps are a perfect fusion of vintage and modern day functionality. When we say revivalist, think tripods, traditional spot lights, and follow spots, re-crafted into one of a kind, minimalist yet stunning light pieces. They’re solid on their feet, easy to move around the house, and are available in a woody and finely polished dull gold finish. People who take some of your light away? Worry not. The tripod lamps can be folded and put away, and courtesy their metallic finish, are easy to clean.

We wont let anyone dull that shine. In every sense of the word.

Where: Shop them online here.

Price: Filament bulbs starts at INR 450, Suspended lights start at INR 4500 and standing lights at INR 4500.