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#LBBEvent! Sweetest Day of the Year at LBB's Dessert Bazaar

Editors posted on 1st May

We don't know where to tart, we're having a dough time explaining just how amazing the 16th of May is going to be. We're so excited, we could {s} cream.

LBB has been known to bring the best of Delhi and present it you swee'tarts, and this time round we won't dessert you, we'll just bring you the dessert. Forget any sweet nothing you've heard so far, we're bringing it, and we're bringing it big.

Since you'll knead more information, here we go. LBB is back for its second edition of Dessert Bazaar! We're bringing together some of Delhi and Gurgaon's best home bakers/bakeries and patisseries, drink makers, juice geniuses, puns {clearly}, and lots more for our annual day dedicated to desserts. Ditch the red velvets, stop asking where you can get cupcakes, and consider that a cake without layers of marzipan in the name of a theme could be the next unique thing. It's time to re-invent how you see dessert, and you don't have to use your imagination, just come on over, try it, taste it, take it home.

Who's coming, besides you?

The Good Juicery

Scoops and Sticks


The Mellow Yellow Co. 



The Rolling Pin Bakery

Bonhomia-Gourmet Coffee


Anandini Tea

Defence Bakery

The Brown Box

Dessert Art by Deepali Modi


The Claridges

Mimi's Gelato

Smitten Bakery

Divinum Chocolat


What's the Cherry on the Cake?

Besides the actual edible variety; we have some incredible partners this year. Keep an eye out for us on NDTV GoodTimes's social media handles and Radio One's Food Trails. Uber India and LBB are tying up for a first of its kind collaboration as a lead up to Dessert Bazaar! Let's just say, we're sending out sweet sweet rides.

For the adults, who turn to alcohol to fuel them sweet nothings, we'll make it easier. We scored Grant's-the legendary whisk{ey}. They're giving you more than 12 ways to enjoy your whiskey {cherry, indeed}, and a Grant's Special dessert across dessert stations. Think whiskey infused gooey-chocolate cake. Don't miss the Grant's special card, packed with popsicles, caramel popcorn and more. The more has you curious after the brief, right?

KitchenAid India is also setting up a DIY station, so you can make your own hot-in-demand personalized desserts, including monogrammed cakes and ice cream sandwiches. Also get to know the art of baking batter; you'll get to watch them use some state of the art equipment to whip up dessert.

And after the Sugar High…

The comedown. There's plenty of savory surprises and lots of drinks, so you can have your cake and drink it away too. Because we know, if we're trying to get all of you there, there's little margarine for error.

And for some Candy Crush

This is not a Candy Cursh saga invite. It's a #throwbackthursday invite. Stay tuned for for a special candy corner in collaboration with Ravalgaon!

Where: Monkey Bar, Vasant Kunj

Time: 11am-7pm

Price Range of desserts: Starts at INR 50 {depends on the purchase and quantity}

LBB's Dessert Bazaar, in its second edition, is in association with Grant's India and KitchenAid India. Spot pop-ups by our awesome partners on the 16th of May!