Ten-Second Takeaway

Not often do you get to learn a 12th century sport—a sport James Bond is known to have aced in Die Another Day, and one that is also part of the Olympics. Deuce Fencing Academy is giving everyone a chance to channel their inner Zorro and be en garde.

Why Fencing?

I’d like to think that after watching movies like Pirates Of The Caribbean, A Knight’s Tale and Mask of Zorro {Depp, Ledger and Banderas notwithstanding}, most of us respect the art of fencing already.

With the Deuce Fencing Academy in Gurgaon, you can train in this medieval sport that demands more discipline and attention than we have to spare these days {but might just be willing to give once we get the taste of this competitive sport}. And this isn’t the only thing you learn here; fencing not only is known to improve lower body strength and speed, but hand-eye coordination too.

So We’re Thinking…

When there is a sport being taught in the city that promises all-round exercise for the body and mind, takes the edge off the very stressful lives we lead and leaves us with better thinking, balance, agility and strategy, why not just enrol ourselves right now {and maybe we’ll see you there}.

Featured photo source: Marie-Lan Nguyen via Wikimedia Commons[CC BY 2.5]