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Dharamshala International Film Festival is Screening Movies in Delhi

Kasturi posted on 7th October

As part of a sneak peek into the 4th edition of the Dharamshala International Film Festival {8th -14th November},  you can catch the best movies from DIFF 2014 right here in Delhi, starting 8th October. See you at IIC then?

Watch the trailers here:

The Beekeeper
This is a story of a beekeeper’s fate, set against the backdrop of the Turkish-Kurdish war. The protagonist loses his wife, children and over 500 colonies of bees-his only livelihood. If you have a passion, you might identify with this man’s love for his work. Mano Khalil instills our trust in human beings through this long odyssey of deprivation and passion. {Subtitles in English}
When: 8th October
A Gesar Bard’s Tale
A Tibetan movie from Finland, this is the story of an illiterate Tibetan nomad who has the gift of reciting the epic tales of Gesar. This bildungsroman-esque story of a nomad boy becoming a bard is intriguing to a point where one questions where modernity and tradition meet. The duality of the protagonist’s lifestyle is telling in the context of the devastating earthquake that hits his hometown and his eventual seeking of healing from his heritage. {Subtitles in English}
When: 9th October
Chimeras aims to highlight the tussle between China's aspirations and its sense of identity in a fanciful, cinematic way. Director Mika Mattila does this through the portrayal of identity crises in two professionals, Wang Guangyi, a contemporary art giant and Liu Gang, an up-and-coming photographer. {Subtitles in English}
When: 12th October
To Singapore, With Love
Searching the world for the displaced souls of Singapore, the plot introduces us to different generations of political exiles who’ve been unable to come back home. Director Tan Pin Pin uses the movie to tell stories of how their lives are far away from Singapore, and how they romanticise the idea of what their country means in this day and age. {Subtitles in English}
When: 14th October

Where: India International Centre {IIC}, 40 Max Mueller Marg

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market

Price: Free {First-come first-served; to be seated by 6pm}

Timings: 6.30pm

Contact:  +91 9650213232, +91 9643231090