Abscond To The Hills For 5 Days Of Yoga, Hiking & Quiet

Navni posted on 22nd February

What Is It?

A five-day retreat in Dharamshala comprising sessions of hatha yoga, biking, visiting Buddhist monasteries and exploring the town, and winding up with evening bonfires.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to take a breather away from the city and dive deeper into the art of yoga- the groups generally have a range of folks from absolute beginners to those at an advanced level; the instructor thus makes sure there are plenty of variations to keep everyone engaged.

Not only will you unwind physically {two 60-75 minute of hatha yoga sessions per day} but also mentally- as these sessions are followed by 15-30 minutes of pranayama. 

Why Should I Go For It?

It’s a full five days of de-stressing and detoxing. The yoga sessions are conducted by Lakshya, who’s done a bunch of yoga courses all across the globe including at Sivananda Organisation in Kerala and Sama Yoga in Bali. She’s been an instructor since 2010 and has been heavily involved in planning these retreats both within India and abroad.

Besides, you get to hike, explore go biking and share stories over bonfires.

Anything Else?

Three wholesome vegetarian meals a day are inclusive if you sign up for the retreat. You can also opt for vegan and gluten-free options.

When: Apr 3 – 8

Where: Ghamrota Village, Tehsil Palampur, Kangra, Dharamshala

Price: Starting at INR 44,000

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#LBBTip: Even if you can’t make if for this one, watch out for their retreats in Kerala and Greece later in the year here.