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Are You Going For The Dire Straits Experience Tonight?

Rene posted on 08 February

Ten-Second Takeaway

For the first time ever, we’ll be able to see Dire Straits Experience perform {insert gazillion exclamation marks}. On a two-city tour, they’re going to be in Gurgaon and Bangalore {March 17 and 19 respectively} to support the cause of clean drinking water for Rajasthan’s many villages.

Tunnel Of Love Awaits

Relive college chiller memories as 100 Pipers ‘Play For A Cause’ brings Chris White, Chris Whitten and Terence Reis {on lead vocals} to recreate the good times.

Rock n’ rolla fellas, you need to wait for just two more days before they can book tickets on Book My Show. A part of the ticket proceeds will be channelised towards building water conservation structures in six-seven villages in Rajasthan so people can have clean drinking water, better sanitation and improved irrigation.

In short, this will be good for everyone involved. Out with the denim jackets and big hair already.

Brothers In Arms {Not}

Photo source: Dire Straits

Photo source: Dire Straits

The beautiful 80s won’t have been the same without the legendary hits, Money for Nothing, Romeo & Juliet, Walk of Life and more, and the only dampener in this happy news is the absence of the original band members.  

Sadly, we won’t see Mark Knopfler or his brother David, the original Sultans of Swing, but we’ve made peace with the fact that our beloved bands disintegrate and we’ve got to move on, embracing whatever good’s left. And truth be told, we’re going even if it's Dire Straits Experience. 

So, We’re Saying…

It’s not every day that a rock band comes to the NCR and if this means travelling all the way to Gurgaon, then be it. Just make sure you're gathering fans and friends for the merry gig. 

Featured photo source: Dire Straits Experience