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Ditch The Chemicals: This All-Natural Brand Has The Solution To Your Pollution Woes

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    Been looking to go all natural with your beauty routine? Kronokare is here with a range of products that are free of chemicals and full of the good stuff like essential oils, botanical extracts and precious seed oils.

    Go All Natural

    From face washes to body lotion and even body oils and shampoos, everything can be chosen according to your skin or hair type which makes life a lot easier. They’ve put in a lot of thought into crafting this range, and it’s comforting to have products that help us combat everyday challenges like pollution {totally needed if you stay in Delhi} and heat.

    You may not be able to save your skin or hair from everyday pollution, but you can use their City Detox face wash or their Pollu-Stop hair mist for repair and protection. It all smells delectable and works smoothly.

    We personally love their Hydrating Time shower gel, which comes with beetroot extracts for soft, moisturised skin at the end of a warm shower so that you start everyday fresh and happy. If you’ve had a long, tiring day, get your hands on their Chill Pill body oil. It comes with Peppermint and Camphor oils which help you ease the stress, leaving you with a calm feeling. By the way, the fragrance of this body oil is what comfort smells like.

    So, throw away those chemicals you’ve been using and go all-natural with these feel-good body oils and shower gels and pollution-fighting haircare products.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’re looking for products that are natural and actually work, get your hands on anything from their range because it starts at INR 95!

      Available Online