Ditch Them Cold Feet With These Cute and Quirky Socks!

Whether you’re going running or need to keep warm on a cold night, it’s socks that’ll do it for you. We love our socks as much as we hate wearing shoes without them. One of our favourite socks are the really cool ones by The Glu Affair. The Glu Affair is a clothing brand that creates Clothing Playlists (theme-based capsule collections) to fight the everyday fashion fatigue. With unique prints, functional designs and timeless wardrobe essentials, their products are meant to last beyond any season!

For Socks’ Sake!

From quirky prints to cute designs, their unisex socks collection is one that cannot be missed. Bored of them usual striped and plain socks? Add some fun to it! They’ve got some colour blocked blues, greys and pinks that are also great if you’re procrastinating in bed and don’t intend to wear them out.

Our favourites are the ones with little french fries and burgers all over them. And guess what? You can get the uber cute pairs of French Fries and Burgers socks at a special combo price via LBB Specials!

Anything Else?

You can check out their collection on Facebook. Browse through their website to have a look at their tees too!


If you’re an artist or graphic designer with an eye {and ear} for pop culture, you can collaborate with them for a collection!