What Is It?

Red Paws Day Out on Nov 27 is not just your chance at unlimited cuddle therapy but also an invitation to have an epic cheat day. While the puppies try their paws out at the gaming arena, you can chill with fellow pet parents over kebabs, salads, sushi and organic goodies.

Who Is It For?

We’re looking at those who are solely motivated by good food, but don’t get us wrong; the meet-up is literally for every pet enthusiast who loves himself a chill day of eating, drinking, music listening and puppy pampering.

Why Should We Go For It?


Photo courtesy: Sushiya

At Red Paws’ picnic, we’re talking plenty of brands we love like Nooshe Joon {succulent kebabs}, InstaPizza, Sushiya, Diggin, Organic Chopsticks, Le Meridien Gurgaon, I Say Organic and Salad Bowl. Bira 91’s getting alcoholic supplies and there’s yummy cake by Fudged. What more can a fun-loving foodie want?!

If you’ve overindulged, you can work out that paunch at Seema Sondhi’s yoga class {or not! you can just sun bathe with a pup in your lap}.

Anything Else?

Neither the friendly Lab nor you goes back home hungry. Your four-legged friend can sample food from Doggie Dabbas or the nutrient-rich treats from Fidele and Farmina Foods while you eat your dessert.

You can also meet the Kennel Kitchen guys so the next time healthy dog food pack runs out, you can order it online between meeting work deadlines.

Do we hear happy rawrs?

When: Nov 27

Where: Zorba

Timings: 11am – 9pm

Featured photo source: Snanton via Pixabay [CC0 1.0][Generic]