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7 Don’ts Indian Women are Tired of Hearing

Namrata posted on 31st March

Women are dominating top positions in the world of business, they’re running full households seamlessly, and they’ve got a truckload of potential to tap into, yet are constantly being told what to do despite their accomplishments, under the guise of safety concerns. Here’s a few we’d do away with in a jiffy.

Don’t Swear, It’s Unladylike

Have you heard the saying that people who swear on the regular are more honest than ones who don’t? They’re also considered to have loose morals, which we’d like to point out as false. Keep that in mind the next time you’re about to chide a lady who just let a few insults drop.

Don’t Wear That Red Lipstick; People Will Call You Loose

benetton revised-02This one really riles us up like nothing else. It’s a thinly veiled attempt at holding women back instead of letting them express their inner sass, and we’re not having any of it. Don’t like it? Don’t look at it.

Don’t Talk about Sex

If you ask us, we all, and not just women, need to talk a little more about sex. Proper education ensures every woman makes informed decisions about what to do with her body. That’s right; it’s her body- not open to discussion.

Don’t Wear That Tight Skirt, you’re Asking for It

benetton revised-03Women know how unsafe the streets are, more than anyone else, but hearing this one does nothing but make us feel helpless. It’s time this changes. The worst part? It doesn’t matter what women wear; the eyes will still follow them everywhere.

Don’t Go Out at Night

Women today work 14-hour jobs, manage to run their houses and have a little fun along the way as well. Sometimes, stepping out once the sun has set goes hand in hand with any and all of those. Are they cautious? More than you think so; this one is best left unsaid.

Don’t Work Long Hours, How Will you Get Home Safe?

benetton revised-04 2In today’s day and age, there are some women who need to work to support themselves. It’s no longer a choice, but a compulsion. Does that involve long hours? You bet. Instead of pushing them to cut hours, it’d be super to have co-operation in facilitating the same. Jus’ saying.

Don’t Attract Attention to Yourself

God forbid you walk with a little strut, laugh a little too loudly or voice your opinion boldly- anything that doesn’t work with the wallflower people want women to aspire to and it’s deemed as trouble. We’re calling you out on this one, society.

The good news is, all women are #UnitedByDont’s so you’re not alone. Unite against these don’ts at The Don’t Party, hosted by United Colors of Benetton and reclaim your body, mind and soul.

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