#DoYourBit: Here’s How You Can Help The Restaurants During These Trying TImes With Dineout!


With COVID 19 in full spread and the country in a 21-day lockdown, things are looking pretty grim for us. Sensex is crashing, businesses are getting slow and the F&B industry has almost come to a standstill with restaurants closing shop, just for our safety. The good people at Dineout are doing their bit to help restaurants in the time of crisis. They’ve filed a petition to the Finance Minister to introduce steps to take care of these restaurants. The petition requests the Government to defer rent and utility payments as well as take care of the employees so that collectively, the F&B industry comes out stronger than ever! Check out the petition here

Additionally, they have introduced Restaurant Vouchers to support restaurants during the quarantine period. These are essentially pre-paid vouchers that you can buy today and redeem later, once all of this is behind us.

What Makes It Awesome?

F&B as an industry has completely crashed and come to a standstill. With very few restaurants carrying out online deliveries (thank god for that!), it’s the time for Maggi and home cooking. Dineout, with their restaurant first approach, have come up with this unique concept of ‘restaurant vouchers’ to help restaurants have regular cash inflow.  

What are Restaurant Vouchers, you may ask. Restaurant Vouchers are prepaid vouchers that anyone can buy now to pay the restaurant bill at any time in the future. These vouchers are at a discounted rate and one can use them in the coming 6 months at a participating restaurant. The vouchers are applicable for the respective restaurant only. There are no additional charges to the restaurant and this is only for the profit for the restaurants. 

These vouchers can be bought on the Dineout app or web by users for the restaurant of their choice. These vouchers can be used by the customer to pay the restaurant bill on their next visit. 

We don’t know about you, but we think it’s a great idea! Anything that helps the restaurants and also is a benefit for consumers, is basically a win win situation! 

Pro Tip:

Restaurants have always been the place where we’ve celebrated and enjoyed our best moments. Hence, during this self isolation and distancing, we should give back and do our bit to the community that has seen our best and worst times. Users can buy these vouchers as a way to regularise the flow of cash to restaurants. So hurry and get your vouchers now! Do your bit for the F&B industry! Also be sure to support them in their petition to the Finance Minister. Click here and be a part of the change!