Draped In Elegance: Check Out Forsarees For Some Classic Looks!


Bringing traditional handloom sarees to your screens, ForSarees is a new label that creates alluring and elegant sarees for those who LOVE sarees!

What Makes It Awesome

ForSarees is a brand trying to mesh age-old techniques with new ways of bringing quality clothing to the urban Indian woman. They're making sarees less daunting and we're ever-so-grateful. It's always a task to find that perfect print and silhouette and instead of spending hours at exhibitions and stores, you can shop these luxurious pieces right from home. They're keeping this ancient art alive and holding the baton by making your saree experience just a lil' more special!

What We Love: Their Handmade Ikat Purple Cotton Saree. It's giving us some classic elegant saree vibes with just a touch of fun with the dazzling and intricately handwoven ikat patterns on the pallu, and the deep vibrant purple is a sight for sore eyes.