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Drunken Monkey is an Indian smoothie bar chain with a difference

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Drunken Monkey Smoothies

Drunken Monkey, founded by Samrat Reddy in the year 2016, is the only Indian smoothie bar chain with a pan Indian presence. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Drunken Monkey has grown exponentially since its launch and the consistent success and growth of the brand can be gauged from its growth from four smoothie bars in Hyderabad in the first year, to 100+ outlets in 50+ Indian cities till date.

Their 80% menu is Vegan and also comes up with smoothie bowls, detox and six smoothie packs.

Now launched in Greater Kailash, delhi and Noida, Drunken Monkey offers blended natural-fruit smoothies and smoothie bowls in over 200 special combinations. Ranging from all-natural detox smoothies to meal smoothies,fruit shakes to decadently indulgent smoothies, and also a range of smoothies to cure hangovers, "The Monkey" blends it right for every individual palette. Apart from some indulgent and coffee smoothies, all the fruit smoothies and shakes are 100% natural, made from local produce and do not contain any artificial flavors, preservatives. 

The brand abides by its tagline "Naturally High" which is that crazy-happy-wondrous feeling of being in love with life! Drunken Monkey firmly believes there is no greater thrill than bingeing on nature and life with smoothies being one of the ways of reconnecting with the naturally high feeling. Hence, their products are pure and natural; their team is energetic and motivated echoing their “Naturally High” way of life. 

In the words of Samrat Reddy, Founder and Managing Director, Drunken Monkey, "I wanted to do to smoothies what Starbucks did to coffee. The new generation, the millennia’s want to be catered to and are more willing than ever to experiment with new brands. People want a space to create meaningful social connections without restricting themselves to regular coffee and chai outlets. Smoothies are the new social lubricant in town.” 

During the pandemic, Drunken Monkey has launched Flying Monkey Foundation. It is a foundation that inspires people to embrace life by feeling beautiful, young, and full of energy.

Drunken Monkey is present across India in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai now delhi and more. Drunken Monkey has grown from strength to strength, expanding the business to achieve its goal to make Drunken Monkey synonymous with smoothies and smoothies synonymous with Drunken Monkey, thus bringing about a “Smoothie Revolution”. Effective utilization of the “first-mover advantage” ensued the brand to be a pioneer in the natural smoothie segment.

While growing up, Samrat Reddy, was a frequent visitor of a local juice and smoothie shop in the neighbourhood in Chennai as he was not fond of the regular beverages. During his stay in Australia and UK, Samrat observed that there were more cafes offering coffee than the outlets serving smoothies. It was in Scotland when he actually thought of setting up a smoothie business as he felt that people would incorporate smoothies into their lifestyle as it is a healthier variant than the regular beverages. The shift in drinking preference, people aiming for a healthy lifestyle and health concerns like cholesterol and obesity caused by junk food is expected to supplement the growth of the smoothie culture in India. As per research, "The search for fruit-based, natural, and healthy drinks has made its way up by 50%. It shows the increasing inclination of Indians towards the health-based food and beverages".