Step Out In Style With This Brand's Textured Heels & Flats

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    What Makes It Awesome

    A woman can never have enough shoes, this has been said a lot of times and we, of course, couldn't agree more. Dyuti Bansal Studio is an online store that aims to present something experiential to the world of art and fashion. A lot of research, reading, and thinking has been done to create designs in the best way possible and if you take a glimpse of their collection, it will all be pretty evident. Currently retailing footwear and bags, Dyuti's range really stands out because of how she has taken different elements of design and tied them all together. 

    She has a collection that is inspired by Game of Thrones, she has an axis collection (footwear that is made out of chording technique), and an avant-garde collection. Under Game of Thrones' collection, you will notice feathers, and silk threads on the footwear that personifies the fierce dragon Daenerys is. The axis collection includes pieces that use chording technique to create an inter-dimensional web. Ombre cotton chords come into play to create a geometrical design (don't they look cool?). Under the avant-garde collection, you will notice a good use of 3D flowers and leaves to create an illusion. 

    While Dyuti has a great collection of bags and clutches, our heart is stuck on her collection of footwear. The price range for the same starts at INR 4,000.

    What Could Be Better

    Honestly, if the price points could be lower. Although, since everything is hand-embroidered, we feel it might be worth it.

      Available Online