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Introducing LBB's {The Recipe Project}

Editors posted on 30th April

By Editors

As a wise 80-something year old we know succinctly put it when sharing her observations on life - there are only THAT many fruit and vegetables in the world.

Okay, granted that the world is a big place, but after a long day in the office or out on the town or running a semi-functional home, the world is simply made up of the thela-wala downstairs and his apple cart.

So what happens when you didn't get your Sandberg on and did not manage, magically or maniacally, to plan your meals for the week and stock up on groceries? More often than not, even those who can list the benefits of avocado end up going home to whatever Vinodji has made for the day, because they got home too late after a meeting or chore to execute the dinner experiment they had in mind.

And that's what we're here to change.

{The Recipe Project} is Little Black Book’s attempt to get the city more healthy by eating home-cooked food using what’s easily available, not stressing about it, and making it so delicious that we’d sing for our supper.

We find that when in doubt, there are more recipes online than cars looking for parking at Cyber Hub. But here’s the thing - by the time we look up recipes online, we’re too tired to go out sourcing ingredients and honestly, sometimes we just don’t want anything fussy.

So we need to use stuff that is available at the thela-wala downstairs, and we're lucky that the range of basics has considerably expanded over the years. But we admit, sometimes we’re bored! We end up making the same old things over and over in the same or similar combinations. We need help in finding more imaginative ways to use the same basics.

Little Black Book is calling together all its chef friends, who are happy to help us in the hour of need. We're asking those masters of the kitchen to help us become better in ours.

We've got some pretty big names lined up, and their little secrets. While each chef has a distinct style and food philosophies are ultimately personal, they are all committed to help us out with recipes requiring 15 minutes of prep or less, and ingredients worth INR 400 or less for a meal for two {non-vegetarian additional.} And for good measure, it'll be healthy too.

Each week, we will bring you a culinary superstar behind some of Delhi's pretty famous restaurants. It's time we get to know them better, and we're quite excited to find out what they'd whip up at home after a gruelling day in their perfectly synchronized kitchens.

It's time to belly up.

Yes, chef!