7 Places To Hit Up For Old-Delhi Style Chatpata Chaat In Gurgaon

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Blasphemy? We know that the chaat in Chandni Chowk is incomparable but hear us out. Hidden amidst high-end restaurants and swanky bars, Gurgaon’s chaat shops and thelas actually have us pretty excited. From aloo tikkis to Kolkata-style puchkas – here are seven places to check out before you decide to drive down to Delhi.

Chaat Chowk

There are two outlets of Chaat Chowk in Gurgaon but the one at Galleria is favourable. Try the Gol Gappas {they also offer the Calcutta cousin, Puchkas}, the Dahi Bhalla and the Dahi Batata Puri.

STD – The Chaat PCO

A newbie on Gurgaon’s chaat scene, STD – The Chaat PCO was started by Masterchef contestant Ruchika Jain. While the menu at The Chaat PCO includes all the regular tangy options, what stood out was her selection of healthy substitutes.

So, if you’re still trying hard not to break those New Year resolutions, opt for the Roasted Aloo Tikki or the guilt-free Healthy Puchkas.

Maa Chaat

Far removed from Leisure Valley, Maa Chaat is an Omni-turned food truck that had two menu items when we visited – gol gappas and aloo tikki. Neither disappointed and, since then, we have found ourselves gravitating to the van every time we’re in the neighbourhood.

Harish Phulwari

A Haldiram’s of sorts, Harish Phulwari has a bakery as well as a family-style restaurant. So, while they serve everything from dosas to pasta, we’d definitely recommend sticking to their north Indian and street food offerings. Aloo tikkis, samosas {these are highly-rated} and Raj Kachori – Harish Phulwari’s chaat will leave you nostalgic and happy.


Rupa Tikki Waala And Caterers

This one is a bit far, but we’re told it’s worth every bit the trek {and it beats having to journey to Delhi, no?}. It’s located on Old Railway Road in Gurgaon and the menu is super simple. However, their tikkis and samosas are delicious.


Chaat from Dilli-6 is Delhicacy’s USP, so expect everything from Khasta Kachoris to Palak Patta chaat. They also have Bedmi, essentially a type of poori that is stuffed with daal and served with aloo, which makes for a delicious, carb-loaded breakfast option. End with a desi ghee jalebi, as is only logical.

Located in Galleria, this one scores big for their variety and hygiene.

Sunny Sweets

A small shop that serves the most amazing gol gappas and samosas – Sunny Sweets is located in Qutab Plaza and has many a Gurgaonwalla’s vote for chaat that satiates your Old Delhi street food craving.


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