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Guide To Gifting & Celebrating A Green Diwali

    Diwali is the one time when it's completely justified to go all out - whether it's for shopping for new outfits, or gifting, or even the festivities. But amidst the pomp and show, it's important to not forget the things that matter too, like making conscious choices when it comes to the environment. So don't fret, and just refer to this guide to celebrating Diwali in an eco-friendly manner.

    Gift Vegan & Healthy With Nut & Bowls

    Nut & Bowls

    Greater Kailash - 2, Delhi

    Nut & Bowls, Delhi's first all-vegan cafe is doing a healthy gifting hamper this Diwali, and it's the perfect choice to gift for that friend who loves all things healthy and conscious. The hamper contains granola, almond & peanut butters, jams, snacks, and more.

    Bio Q's Kits Make The Perfect Eco-Friendly Gifts


    Available Online

    Bio Q is a brand that does eco-friendly solutions for daily need stuff. From mugs made out of bamboo scraps, to plantable calendars, pens, and coir pots, this kit has everything you will need to have your stationery in order, that too in an environment friendly way!

    PS: They even have eco-friendly playing cards.

    Price: INR 650 for the full kit

    Gift Plants & Terrariums

    Don't know what to get for your friends and family that won't make you feel like a consumerist? You can never go wrong with gifting them a bunch of plants, seeds, and saplings, or even those pretty terrariums. To make it easier for you, here's a list of nurseries in the city. Find the nearest one and get shopping!

    Buy Diyas & Home Decor At The Matka Market

    Pottery Market

    Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

    The market is a whole lane of potters who live on this street (reason why it’s open till 3 am) and sell different items like blue Jaipuri pots and vases, diyas, terracotta lamps and black Manipuri matkas too.

    It’s the kind of place where you can unearth a gem at every other stall.

    The prices start around INR 50. The best part is that you'll also find clay diyas and candles here (starting at INR 10 for 12 pieces).

    Note: We strongly suggest and urge you to practice social distancing and take all necessary precautions as you head out.

    Gift Earthen Pottery & Home Decor


    Available Online

    Fresh clay is spun into cool art at Claymen studio and you have to check out the glazed, lovely little knick-knacks here. You'll find a plethora of gorgeous bits and pieces in cool hues and beautiful ceramic finishes. Think everything from vases, pots, planters, cutlery holders, cups, bowls, incense holders, chalices, ash trays, bottles, table figurines and lots more.

    Price: INR 500 onwards

    Ditch Single Use Plates & Cups This Time You Throw A Party

    Crockery Bank For Everyone is a non-profit initiative that lets people rent steel crockery for events and langars, all for free (but a donation is definitely encouraged). The idea behind this initiative is to reduce plastic waste and encourage Delhiites to lead environmentally-conscious lives.

    So this time you gear up to throw a crazy Diwali party, don't forget to call them up!

    Donate Leftover Food To These Organisations

    Speaking of Diwali parties, we know what goes hand in hand with parties in our country -  leftover food waste. While there are many in our city who go hungry, the privileged often times end up wasting it. Well, if the food you prepared (or ordered) is still in good condition after your party, you can get in touch with Robin Hood Army or Feeding India and put it to good use.

    Buy Upcycled Accessories & Bags For Yourself & Your Friends

    Green The Map

    Available on LBB

    Diwali calls for shopping and gifting, but we suggest this year you go the upcycled way with Green The Map. It's India’s first online store for upcycled, eco-friendly, green home and lifestyle products that help you live less wastefully. This brand believes in making the most of waste, off-cuts and surplus fabric to craft their products. From accessories to stationery, cushion covers and upcycled glasses, Green The Map offers many quirky and cool products.

    Buy & Gift Flowercycled Incense For Diwali Puja


    Available Online

    The people at Phool Co. collect floral-waste from temples and mosques, recycle it into incense, vermicompost and biodegradable packaging material with the help of women 'flowercyclers'. They sell these products in the market and in the process, save almost 8 tons of floral waste from being dumped in the Ganges on a daily basis. Crazy, right? It’s the perfect example of a circular economy model that is sustainable, generates stable employment for women (73 full-time women employees), and stops at least one source of pollutants from entering and destroying the river.

    It's the perfect gift for your friends and family!