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Pay According To Your Weight For Salads, Sandwiches & Smoothies At This Central Delhi Restaurant



Gorge on fresh salads, healthy sandwiches and hearty smoothies at Eggspectation, Jaypee Siddharth called Lite Belly, Delight Belly where what you pay depends on what you weigh!

Skinny Dippin'

When was the last time your svelte shape got you anything more than admiration and that perfectly fitted pair of jeans? Well…it is now going to also get you a sweet deal at this promotion, where you get to pick a refreshing summer salad, a detox drink and a loaded with the good stuff sandwich and pay at just INR 10 multiplied by your weight {you get weighed on the spot with a digital weighing machine}. Now that’s big fat deal!

Clean And Crisp

So what is up for grabs? The salad selection is oozing with summer flavours, and we loved the watermelon with feta, and also the Moroccan Couscous salad {with the zing of mint}. The Happy Belly Sandwich features popular, easy flavours, but our pick is the Yolk Around the Clock. Eggspectation has always been the go to place for all things eggy, and this is like a stunning tribute to our favourite comfort food- grilled bagels with sunny side ups and cheddar and Swiss cheese- do we need to say more?

Wash down all these healthy, fresh and wholesome flavours with an oh-so-refreshing Jasmine Ginger Iced Tea, or pick the Green Tea Smoothie if you want to be the healthiest baby in town {avocado and spinach blended with green tea- this one is a  superfood junkies dream come true!}

So, We're Saying...

If you are looking for easy summer bites, and think your fitness levels can help your pocket too, then head to Eggspectation at Jaypee Siddharth- but before July 15, since this is a limited time summer promotion.