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Empower Artisans By Buying Oshadi's Stunning Handwoven Clothes

The Scoop

Tradition meets modern-day aesthetic at Oshadi, with their handwoven, naturally dyed and artisan-made clothes that are perfect for work, play and everything in between. Runway-worthy-yet-responsible, this brand believes that the work of artisans must be celebrated, and their clothes do just that.

The Style

Functional, functional, functional! Get through your day and the hustle in fabrics that let you breathe. The use of natural dyes, in addition to being good for your skin, lend the garments wonderful, subtle colouring that makes them perfect for mixing and matching.

There’s just that tiny element of detailing that sets all of Oshadi’s products apart.

What We Love

The muted colours are great, as all of Oshadi’s creations can pair well with what you have in your wardrobe. Invest in a statement piece, like this white shirt, and we bet you’ll never crib about having anything to wear. Okay, that might be utopian, but you’re definitely going to have a lot more options.

We also love some of their more unusual pieces that will guarantee that you stand out. Take, for instance, this co-ord set in sea greens, blues and yellows. The unique sleeve style is definitely risque, but we have a feeling you can pull it off.

Who Is It For?

You, if you’ve been saving up and want to add some depth to your wardrobe. If you don’t love bright colours, it’s another great reason to shop from them.

To place an order, drop them an email on Facebook here – they’re based out of Chennai but are happy to courier your fave piece straight to Delhi.