Enrich Your Bedroom With Art

A blank wall is anathema to a boho; walls are simply there to hold art. Many of us tend to put our best artworks in the public parts of our homes. Also, give them a spot in your bedroom, where you can appreciate them in a personal and reflective space.

Bohemianism has always been associated with artists, musicians, writers and designers, and if you are reading this ideabook, you probably have artistic leanings. Why not start work on a bedroom mural or collage that tells the story of your life as it unfolds? This fabulous mural was created by Montreal artist Carlito Dalceggio.

Celebrate the human body in your bedroom artworks. The bedroom is an intimate place, so give it some private sensuality with a little flamboyant nudity. Australian artist Norman Lindsay has been described as a natural bohemian and was famed for his {at the time} provocative depictions of naked nymphs, based on Rubens’ voluptuous nudes. They are still pretty hot today. Lindsay prints can be found on poster websites.

LBB Recommends: Vinita Dasgupta, Dilli Haat and Maharaja Art Gallery.

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