Maanya posted on 25th March

3 Great Reasons To Check Out Eros City Square, Gurgaon

Ten-Second Takeaway

It’s definitely not Cyber Hub standard, and doesn’t come close to being the foodie favourite that Horizon Centre is slowly becoming but low-key Eros City Square has a few surprises. Here’s what we found.

McDonalds Drive-Thru

Gurgaon’s ONLY McDonalds drive-thru is at Eros City Square which means that this is the only place in G-Town that you can drive through for any unannounced McDonalds’ fries cravings. They serve breakfast as well so load up on their hot cakes {as we wish we could have but it’s only served till 11am}.

Eros City Square 1 , rest of Gurgaon, 0.

Fast Food Restaurants

Choices - Meat & More

We love Gurgaon’s grocery stores and Choices is no exception. They have a massive frozen section and we gravitated towards the meats; they have fresh cuts of mutton, chicken and pork as well as full fish {we spotted Basa, Trout, Mackerel and Snapper} and prawns. In addition, Choices stocks fancy cheese, tofu, margarine and a very, very vast selection of London Dairy ice-cream and yogurt.

Healthy and organic foods are well-represented, they have lots of dips to dunk your chips in as well as a few different kind of vinegars {white wine, apple cider, red wine}. We walked out with the one thing we set our eyes on first – Bloody Mary Mix. Yum.

Stop-N-Stock - Store & Cafe

Open 24 hours {all day, every day}, Stop-N-Stock is Eros City Square’s version of our much-frequented 24×7. They stock cigarettes, personal hygience products, day-to-day groceries and basically all the stuff you forget to buy till it’s too late and you’re stuck in the shower with no shampoo. The store also has a small cafe {open all night, as well}, with some outdoor seating, free Wi-Fi, strong coffee and a slice of Apple Cinnamon cake. They’re also happy to brew your favourite tea, even if it’s not on the menu.

As a bonus, they also deliver.

Juice & Milkshake Shops