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3 Essentials For Your Last-Minute Budget New Year Bash

Navni posted on 28 December


No plans for New Year? No problem. You can still scrounge up a kickass party {at minimal cost} in the confines of your home, complete with booze, food and a few of your closest, plan-less buddies. What else do you need, really?

Matka Peer Biryani

The biryani from Babu Shahi Bawarchi at Matka Peer is cheap {chicken biryani starts at INR 480 per kilo}, delicious and stays for hours without losing its essence. We’d recommend bringing along your own dongas as you’re not going to get much in terms of packaging- usually just a plastic bag.

And this way, you can just place it on your stove directly and re-heat as and when required.

The Theka

To state the obvious. And since we’re keeping budgets in mind, we’re going to be getting crates of Mahou Clasica beer {it’s just INR 100 for a 500ml can}. This Spanish beer is high on taste {we love the fruity notes} without much of a bitter aftertaste. It’s a very easy to drink beer and gets you in the right mood to dance the night away. Which brings us to…

Sound Cloud

Please do not rely on YouTube; given the quality of the internet in most parts of the city, this is going to be nothing short of a party pooper.

Hook yourself up with Sound Cloud and listen to your tunes uninterrupted. Or of course, find a friend with a pen drive full of good music.


If you happen to own a barbecue grill, you’ve already won at New Year. Check out these shops to get pre-marinated meats and paneer {for the herbivores}.