Do You Even Lift Bro? 5 Fitness Activities For The Work-Out Noob

Abhijeet posted on 27 December

Ten Second Takeaway

Hey, did you get the memo? Summer bodies are made in winter! While we cannot wait to say #GoodRiddance2016, there’s good health to look forward to in 2017…and world peace, if we can manage it.

So, like every year, if losing a certain amount of kgs makes it to your resolution, we’re making your path slightly easier with this hack-list. We got your back, fitness noobs.


Simply pick up a style, join the classes and dance your way to a healthy life. Also, the next time you are at friend’s wedding, you’ll surely be getting the looks {the good kind}.

Get started here.

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Let’s start with the one exercise that is the easiest to get into, apart from a great pair of shoes and a rock-solid resolve. Step # 1, find a park. Step # 2, wear your Reebok running shoes. And finally, plug in some good music and you’re ready to go.

Check out these running clubs in town to get started.

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A lot more strenuous than just saying namaste, Yoga’s one of those exercises that might be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s extraordinarily energizing. The trick is in finding the right teacher, and investing in a solid mat.

Check out these classes to get started.

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Floor Workout

If you’re going to be all caught-up next year {thanks to your newfound love for guitar}, you should pick up floor workouts. Think of it like a crash course in working out; 2 minutes of planking, 20 squats, 3 set of burpees and 2 sets of pull-ups, pushups each. Sounds fun, right?

Learn floor workouts here.

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CrossFit is all about strength and conditioning and if you were paying any attention in 2016, you would have noticed it popping up all around you. The high intensity training will make exhaustion and fatigue a thing of the past and leave you lean and mean.

Start your journey here.

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