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    Exciting Events, New Bars & More: 5 Podcasts You Can’t Miss

    Tushar posted on 19 July

    On the go? Here are 5 awesome shows brought to you by IVM Podcasts, India’s biggest podcasting network. This week, listen to podcasts across genres like lifestyle, technology & more. And the best part? LBB’s eleventh #ifoundawesome podcast is live on IVM and Saavn! Catch the deets in the list below.

    LBB #ifoundawesome Podcast: Ep 11

    Don't know what to do? Don't have a plan? Just LBB it! Your plan A, always.

    This week, we’re spilling 5 new and unique places you need to check out in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune - from restaurants and bars, to budget shopping and weekend getaways. We’re talking about an awesome gifting site, road trips near you, new restaurants and a whole lot more! You're welcome. Tune in here.

    Shunya One: Ep 62 - Sanjay Nath: Early Stage Investing / Entrepreneur - Investor / Founder and Co-founder Relationship

    Hosted by entrepreneur Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya and Amit Doshi, Shunya One discusses all things tech and startups in the country. The conversation is also open to techies on their slack channel! On this episode of Shunya One, we are joined by Sanjay Nath, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Blume Ventures. This conversation focuses on early-stage funding, his journey as an entrepreneur - investor and lots more. Tune in here.

    Keeping it Queer: Ep. 24 - Ishmeet Nagpal

    Keeping it Queer is an all-things queer podcast hosted by comedian Navin Noronha.The show delves deep into the lives of India's ever-evolving LGBTQ population. This week, Navin talks to gender rights activist, writer and poet Ishmeet Nagpal. She is also the Co-Founder, SXonomics and works with Save the Children, India. Tune in here!

    Hustle Science: Episode 06 Ft. Kaizzad Capadia

    After 3 years of running their YouTube channel, the BeerBiceps team brings you Hustle Science. Ranveer Allahbadia and Tejaswin Gumber interview superstars of their own industries to get a closer look at their journeys. This 'F' word, rules Ranveer and Tejaswin's life. And that's exactly why they dive deep into the fitness industry, its business, with none other than Kaizzad Capadia: the man behind the K11 Fitness Academy. Tune in here

    Cyrus Says: Episode 282 Feat. Anand Sivakumaran

    It’s a definitive show where the inimitable Cyrus Broacha talks about life in urban India, sports, traffic, kids, food and simply everything that matters. It's an all new episode of Cyrus Says! This week, Cyrus talks to film and TV writer Anand Sivakumaran. And they chat about his college days at IIT, Powai, his very brief stint in advertising, his new storytelling podcast Croc's Tales on IVM and more! Tune in here!

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